No LGBT Cabinet Members

This past week, President Obama finalized his cabinet members for his second term. While he and the members support LGBT rights and activism, he has come under fire from the Human Right Campaign (HRC) for not placing LGBT members in. He had opportunities to appoint a few, but ultimately decided not to. However, he is known for taking in more LGBT members and placing them in his administration – more than 260.

While it would have been incredible if the president had done so, he has still taken strides toward equality. This accounts for so much and critics should keep that in mind when they attack him. Yes, it is true that we have been waiting and should not even have to wait, but that is the way it goes in life and society. There will always be an out-group that is fighting for its rights, even when laws are set in place. Look at African-Americans and women, for example. They are still fighting for their rights, even with protection.

You, the people who are complaining, should calm down. No, it will never be enough. With the opposition and hate that we face, we are taking huge steps – steps that I couldn’t even imagine before President Obama graced us with his presence. But we will continue to fight. Not the president, but the opposition.

Take a step back and look at where we are. Look at the support we have. We are gaining tremendous traction within the Republican party. That, in my humble opinion, is something to celebrate.

And so we continue to fight and we continue to wait.

Victory will be so sweet.


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