Hubs and Bridges

For class this week, we were assigned a special post about the hubs and bridges of our online communities. Off the top of my head, I could not really think of any. Once I delved into what could and could not be a hub or bridge, though, I think I’ve figured it out. Here I go!

A couple of hubs, I think, would be the Advocate, OUT and The Huffington Post’s Gay Voices. The Advocate focuses more on news in the LGBT community, while OUT looks into the culture and entertainment of it. All three of these have a strong op-ed/”blogging” section. I always look to these for a good idea and inspiration to write about.

I had a harder time identifying bridges. The problem for me is what does and doesn’t qualify as being just LGBT; it encompasses so much! I did find that (much to my surprise) held content on the LGBT community. BoingBoing is known to be a “techie” website, so I definitely was not expecting it. The hubs that I listed above could also be considered bridges (perhaps a stretch) because they publish so many things that relate to this community such as family matters, technology/science, etc.


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