One of my assignments this week was to edit a Wikipedia page relating to my blog topic, so I chose same-sex marriage in the United States. Before ending up at this page, I looked at other ones including queer studies, LGBT culture and same-sex marriage (which included information from around the world). However, some of them were either protected or there was very little information to elaborate with.

The page of same-sex marriage in the United States is semi-protected, meaning that any edits made must go under review by more prominent members before finalization. My first edit was to the “Federal law” section by adding information about the Defense of Marriage Act hearing on March 27. This edit was rejected, though I’m not sure why. It was first frustrating because I didn’t understand why it would be rejected since it was relevant.

The next few edits I made were to make sentence structures more cohesive. I also added a source to one of my edits. After my first and second accepted edits, a user sent me a message on my talk page letting me know how to sign my name on talk pages and to fill in the edit summary field.

Although the editing process is easy, finding things to edit and add is more difficult. Also, pages such as this one are longer and are filled with sources and coding, so it was harder to find the places where I wanted to edit. Overall, editing a wiki page was easier than I expected.


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