The Gay Way

For the Open Mind is a blog centering around issues and events occurring in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. As a member of this community myself, I don’t know enough of what is going on. In creating and writing for this blog, I hope to gain more knowledge and keep up with the current events that are important to me and to so many others. I also wish to inform, help and encourage college students and young professionals. For those that may be indifferent or possibly anti-LGBT, I can only hope that something I write will spark a change in your view.

Twitter List:

Tyler Curry: HIV+ writer who started the Needle Prick Project, an editorial campaign that talks about what an HIV+ life is like. Tyler is a marketing writer at Baron and Budd, P.C., a law firm, fiction and freelance columnist. His writing can be found at The Advocate.

Colby Melvin: Model and LGBT rights activist. Colby passes on current news that deal with the LGBT community in his blog.

Ben Patrick Johnson: Voice-over actor, LGBT/human rights activist,  author of “If the Rains Don’t Cleanse”, and director of the BPJ Foundation.

Zak Baldridge: LGBT rights activist and vlogger/blogger on his personal site, The Right to Be Left.

Wayne Dhesi: Blogger for the Huffington Post,  youth worker for the National Health Service, and creator of R U Coming Out, a compilation of coming out stories.

Spencer Oakes Dawson: A blogger that speaks his mind about almost anything. He blogs about being gay and also comments on various events that occur.

Joe: Blogger who passes on information and events in the community.

Blog Roll:

R U Coming Out: R U Coming Out is a website and sort-of blog that deals mainly with coming out stories. People from all around the world submit their stories. It also provides features and writings from different writers. The website also serves as a blog for Wayne Dhesi, a blogger for the Huffington Post. The various stories and posts by the people and established writers would serve as a source of inspiration.

Huffington Post Gay Voices: Gay Voices is a part of the Huffington Post that provides news and opinions about the gay community. Many of the contributors are professionals such as lawyers, professors, and authors. While it provides a very wide variety of ideas and opinions, it is a source that can connect to a specified audience.

The Right To Be Left: The Right To Be Left is a blog by Zak Baldridge. In his blog, he writes his own opinions on different aspects of gay life and culture. In one post, he looked at the stereotype of being a “good gay.” In other words, to be a “good gay” you had to be rich and live a lavish lifestyle. He goes on to say that most of these stereotypes stem from television shows and that we should accept all people, no matter their financial situation.

Queerphc: This is a collaborative blog by Patrick Henry College (PHC) students. This blog provides all sorts of topics as they pertain to the gay community – entertainment stories, news, sports, religion, coming out, growing up gay, etc. Since PHC is a private, religious school, the blog also gives encouragement and help on being a gay Christian. It provides both personal stories and information on current events.

Out Magazine and The Advocate: Both of these sources are owned by Here Media, LLC. While they are a big supplier of news stories and current events in the LGBT community, they also produce opinions and commentary from established writers and bloggers such as Tyler Curry. These two sources provide both national and world news, as well as entertainment, health and business stories. All of the stories connect to the LGBT community.


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